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REMNANT Quadra Tencel Twill Leaf - 0.4 yards

REMNANT Quadra Tencel Twill Leaf - 0.4 yards

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Quadra Twill is a great option for sewing dresses, pants, skirts and blouses that you will wear throughout the year. It's a highly breathable fabric that helps keep the wearer stay cool and reduce sweat, resulting in the end garment getting more wears between washes. Pretty cool!

That breathability also comes in handy in during cooler months too, when the lyocell fabric traps warm air against your skin, and keeps you warm. It's a great all season fabric.

Our Quadra Lyocell is a twill weave, meaning if you look close up to the fabric, you'll be able to see the diagonal lines from the unique twill weaving. This fabric is medium weight, 200 gsm, with a beautiful, stunning, gorgeous (we could keep going 😉) drape that is a dream to wear. 

This fabric pairs well with the flowy sleeved Roscoe Blouse or Dress, the timeless Avenir Jumpsuit, and the comfortable Free Range Slacks.

Fabric Width: 55/57”

Fabric Content: 100% Tencel, Woven, Oeko-Tex certified

Fabric Weight: Light Midweight

GSM: 200, 5.9oz

Drape: High

Opacity: Opaque

Care: Washable delicate cold, Dry flat

Garment Types: See some of our favourite patterns for Quadra Lyocell Twill!

Price is for 1 remnant measuring 0.4 yards.

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