Vancouver, BC Sewing Classes - Lessons for Beginners, Garment-Making + Quilting

Learn to sew or advance your sewing skills! With over 12 years of experience teaching sewing, our classes are hosted in our inspiring retail store in Vancouver, BC, and we provide all the tools needed. Pick and choose what you want to make from our list of classes and build your sewing skillset.

Spool of Thread offers a range of sewing lessons, from students who have never sewed before (Sewing Machine 101) to more advanced students taking our Free Range Slacks or Hollyburn Skirt.

To join one of our classes, please call us at 604-879-3031 to place your deposit and reserve your spot! Our classes sell out quickly and we accept registration over the phone with a credit card, or stop by our shop to pay in person.


202 - Yoga Bag Classes

{"alt"=>"202 - Yoga Bag Classes"}

243 - Tofino Pajama Pant Classes

{"alt"=>"243 - Tofino Pajama Pant Classes"}

247 - Free Range Slacks Classes

{"alt"=>"247 - Free Range Slacks Classes"}

264 - Flowy Ogden Cami Classes

{"alt"=>"264 - Flowy Ogden Cami Classes"}

312 - Favourite Knit Renfrew T-Shirt Classes

{"alt"=>"312 - Favourite Knit Renfrew T-Shirt Classes"}

321 - Hollyburn Skirt Classes

{"alt"=>"321 - Hollyburn Skirt Classes"}

334 - The Dress Shirt Classes

{"alt"=>"334 - The Dress Shirt Classes"}

348 - Comfy Toaster Sweater Classes

{"alt"=>"348 - Comfy Toaster Sweater Classes"}

368 - Pacific Leggings Classes

{"alt"=>"368 - Pacific Leggings Classes"}

370 - Gallery Tunic Classes

{"alt"=>"370 - Gallery Tunic Classes"}