Fabric Weight

What is Fabric Weight?

Fabric weight refers to how much the fabric weighs per a unit of measurement. This number is often displayed in grams per square meter (abbreviated GSM) or ounces per square yard (abbreviated oz.)

When available, Spool of Thread posts this information on our fabric product pages. When you're planning a new sewing project, knowing the weight of a fabric can help you determine if the textile is a good match for your project or pattern.

Generally, as the weight of a fabric gets higher, it is more stable, opaque and thick. An example of heavier fabrics might be a thick canvas or corduroy. On the other hand, the lower the weight, the more pliable, breathable and sheer the fabric becomes. A lighter weight fabric example would be a cotton voile, or printed rayon.

Keep in mind that these rules work most of the time, but of course, there is always the odd exception! 

Weight Categories

You can classify our fabric into one of the following categories:

Light Fabric - 

Weight: up to 134 GSM or 3.9oz
Fabric Examples: Voile, Gauze
Garment Types: Tops, Dresses, Skirts
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Light Midweight Fabric -

Weight: 135 to 199 GSM, 4oz. to 5.9oz.
Fabric Examples: Double Gauze, 44" wide, Cottons, lighter Viscose, lighter Linen
Garment Types: Tops, Dresses, Skirts, loose-fitting Pants
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Midweight Fabric -
Weight: 200 - 269 GSM, 6oz. - 7.9oz.
Fabric Examples: Fleece, some Knits, some Cottons, some Linen, Twill
Garment Types: Dresses, Tops, more-fitted Pants, lightweight Jackets
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Midweight Heavy Fabric -
Weight: 270 - 339 GSM, 8oz. - 9.9oz.
Fabric Examples: lighter Canvas, lighter Denim, some Corduroy
Garment Types: Skirts, Pants, Jackets
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Heavy Fabric - 

Weight: 340 - 399 GSM, 10oz. - 11.9oz.
Types of fabrics: Canvas, Denim
Garment Types: Jackets, Coats, Jumpsuits, Pants
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Very Heavy Fabric -

Weight: over 400 GSM, over 12oz.
Types of fabrics: Canvas, Denim
Garment Types: Coats, Jumpsuits, Pants


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