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Nova Denim 10oz Black ½ yd

Nova Denim 10oz Black ½ yd

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units of .5 yards, cut continuously

Woven from 100% cotton, Nova Denim is a sturdy heavyweight fabric that offers an all-season wearability that's hard to beat! Garments made from denim are always in fashion and have a durability to match.
Nova is a warp-faced denim, meaning that the weft threads are woven under two or more coloured warp threads. The face of the fabric is darker as these warp threads are more prominent on the right side. This twill weaving gives Nova the subtle diagonal ribbing and timeless look of classic denim. As you wear it, this denim will undergo a natural distressing, softening and fading for a personalized, lived in look.
With a stiff, low drape, Nova suits garments designed to retain their shape and hang away from the body more widely, such as the A-line Reed Skirt from Grainline Studio. Nova comes in three essential colours, ready for hard wearing skirts, pants, and structured workwear inspired jackets such as the Merchant and Mills Foreman Jacket and the September Duster.

Fabric Width: 58"

Fabric Content: 100% Cotton, Woven

Fabric Weight: Heavy

GSM: 300, 10 oz

Drape: Low

Opacity: Opaque

Garment Types: See some of our favourite patterns for Nova Denim! 

Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, Maximum Iron Temperature 110°C

Price is per ½ yard. To order 1 yard, please buy 2 quantities. Multiple quantities will be shipped in one continuous piece.

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