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Essex Linen Cotton Gingham Yarn Dye Black White ½ yd

Essex Linen Cotton Gingham Yarn Dye Black White ½ yd

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units of .5 yards, cut continuously

Our Essex Linen Cotton is a favourite! This versatile material combines the best of textured linen and crisp cotton, creating a textile that has a natural, textured look with a softer drape and smoother finish. 

This Essex is also a yarn dyed fabric, meaning that the fibres that make up the fabric are dyed and then woven together. This gives the fabric a soft, low drape, as well as allowing a heathered colour. 

We suggest pairing Essex with garments that hang away from the body and maintain the garment's shape. For some of our favourite patterns to make, we'd pair Essex with the timeless Gallery Tunic, comfortable Burnside Bibs (size 00-20, size 18-34) or the dramatic Lichen Duster/Wrap Dress.

Not only is Essex an amazing option for making garments, it has also been used to create throw pillows, tote bags, re-cover chairs, napkins, curtains and so much more! Essex works well and looks good

Element: Square

Tall: ¼"

Wide: ¼"

Fabric Width: 43"

Fabric Content: 55% Linen, 45% Cotton, Woven, Yarn Dyed Gingham

Fabric Weight: Light Midweight

GSM: 190, 5.6oz

Drape: Mid-Low

Opacity: Opaque

Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Price is per ½ yard. To order 1 yard, please buy 2 quantities. Multiple quantities will be shipped in one continuous piece.

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