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Bowyer Cotton Jacquard Cinnamon Roll ½ yd

Bowyer Cotton Jacquard Cinnamon Roll ½ yd

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units of .5 yards, cut continuously

Bowyer Cotton Jacquard captures the energy of summer in the Pacific Northwest. Available in the colours of the forest, beach and ocean, Bowyer is the perfect fabric for a summer layering piece to throw on when in a hemlock tree's shade or on chilly beach evenings. It's light and soft, but warm enough to keep the chill away when you need it.

Bowyer, like many jacquard textiles, is woven on a loom. This allows the fabric to have a design created during the weaving process, and adds lots of texture. You'll find Bowyer is a thicker feeling fabric without a lot of weight. It is bouncy, soft, thick and not too dense.

This makes it a great choice for garments without many gathers or small details that are more loosely fitted or dartless. Large pleats, elastic waistbands and button ups would all work well with Bowyer. We can't wait to see what you make from Bowyer, but if you're looking for pattern recommendations we think the Yanaka Jacket, September Duster or Remy Raglan would all make Bowyer (and you!) shine.

Element: Diamond

Tall: 1"

Wide: ⅞"

Fabric Width: 53"

Fabric Content: 100% Cotton, Woven

Fabric Weight: Midweight

GSM: 240, 6.04oz

Drape: Mid-Low

Opacity: Opaque

Garment Types: Look comfortable designs without gathers or small tricky details. See some of our favourite patterns for Bowyer!

Care: Hand wash cold, hang dry, low iron, do not bleach

Price is per ½ yard. To order 1 yard, please buy 2 quantities. Multiple quantities will be shipped in one continuous piece.

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