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Lightweight Clear Elastic 3/8-inch

Lightweight Clear Elastic 3/8-inch

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3/8" wide clear elastic that's thin, soft and very stretchy. It will stretch out 3-4 times its original length. 

Great for fabric that has a lot of stretch but needs to maintain its shape like swimwear, sportswear or aerobic wear. It can also be used to stabilize neck and shoulder seams in knit garments to prevent it from stretching out over time. Additionally, use it to create gathers on your project. 

To use, you can either directly insert it into your casing or stitch it to the wrong side of your fabric. 


  • Machine washable/dryable up to 200° F.
  • Dry cleanable 
  • Chlorine bleach and perspiration safe 

Length: 5 yards of 3/8" elastic

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