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For You Project Labels-Notion-Spool of Thread

For You Project Labels

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This 4 pack of project labels feature affirming messages like "Stand Tall" and "Be The Space."

These straight cut labels are ideally sewn onto your garment rather than within your garment seams. You can attach by sewing along the edge of the label or by just attaching at 2 or more corners.

Be The Space - 1.25" (30mm) x 1.57" (40mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance
Hold Yourself - 1.25" (30mm) x 1.57" (40mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance
Rise - .75" (20mm) x 2.15" (55mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance.
Stand Tall - .75" (20mm) x 2.15" (55mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance

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