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Feeling Yourself Project Labels

Feeling Yourself Project Labels

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This 6 pack of project labels feature fun and positive messages like "Feeling Myself" and "Make. Learn. Grow."

These are straight cut labels making them great to put on the outside of your garments, whether you have sewn or bought them! You simply just attach the label straight onto the fabric as there is no need to add into seams.

No Bra Required - 1.25" (30mm) x 1.57" (40mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance
Happy Dance -1.25" (30mm) x 1.57" (40mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance
Feeling Myself - 1.25" (30mm) x 1.57" (40mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance
Make. Learn. Grow - 1.25" (30mm) x 1.37" (35mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance
You Make My Dreams Come True - 1.25" (30mm) x 1.37" (35mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance
Does My Butt Look Cute In These - 1.25" (30mm) x 1.37" (35mm) plus .25" (5mm) seam allowance.
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