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Easy-Shaper Fusible Interfacing 20" x 1 yard

Easy-Shaper Fusible Interfacing 20" x 1 yard

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EasyShaper Fusible Interfacing is ideal for sewing quality garments and projects that last many washes and wears. 

Applying the interfacing to collars and cuffs will offer extra support and shape, while interfacing waistbands and necklines will help prevent those areas from stretching out over time. This non-woven interfacing is ideal for use with light or medium weight fabrics like cottons, linens, rayons and jersey.

One side of the interfacing has an adhesive that fuses to your fabric once you apply heat and pressure with an iron. That means no need to pin or baste your pieces in place!   

Interfacing is machine washable and measures 20" x 1 yard.
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