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Chaco Liner Pen Style - White-Notion-Spool of Thread

Chaco Liner Pen Style - White

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The Chaco Liner Pen is a convenient way to make temporary markings on your sewing and quilting projects. A wheel tip with fine points makes it easy to draw precise straight or curved lines.

Use the Chaco Pen to transfer markings from your pattern onto the fabric, mark tricky seam allowances, buttonholes, cut lines and much more. 

Chalk lines are easily removed by dusting away the powdered chalk. For the odd stubborn mark, throw it in the wash to remove. 

When your chalk runs out, replace it with a Refill Cartridge of any colour of your choosing. 

Pack includes one white Chaco Liner Pen with a protective lid to prevent any spilling when not in use. Entire unit measures 4 1/4" in length.

The Chaco Liner Pen is also available in multiple colours here.

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