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3 Yards Nylon Zipper & 12 Pulls Black Tape - Nickel-Notion-Spool of Thread

3 Yards Nylon Zipper & 9 Pulls Black Tape - Nickel

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Nylon coil zipper with soft and flexible teeth so you can sew through it without breaking your needle and cut through it with ease. Ideal for purses, totes, laptop cases, and backpacks with the option for a single slide or double slide zipper.

Wider zipper tape makes it easy to install. Cut the length the you need and save the rest for another project. 


  • Zipper tape: 1 1/4" width
  • Zipper coil: 1/4" width
  • Zipper pull tab: 1 1/8" length 

Pack contains 3 Yards of Nylon Zipper and 9 pulls. Black tape with nickel zipper and zipper pulls.

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