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Craft Sewing Needles Assorted

Craft Sewing Needles Assorted

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An essential pack of assorted craft needles made from nickel plated, high carbon steel wire. The pack contains Between needles in size 8 and 9, Crewel needles in sizes 3, 5 and 7 and Tapestry and Chenille needles in sizes 20 and 22. This assortment is ideal for needlework, beading, cross stitch, embroidery and quilting.

The Between needles are short and fine making them perfect for hand quilting, piecing and applique. The included Crewel needles work well for embroidery thanks to their long eye which makes threading multiple strands of thread easier. The Tapestry needles are thicker and have a blunt tip and wide eye making them more suitable for stitching on heavier fabrics, such as canvas and aida cloth. The included Chenille needles have a sharper point but similarly wide eye, suiting cross stitch and counted thread embroidery.

Package includes 25 assorted needles in a compact dispenser case.

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