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Cap Snap Fasteners, Sport, 15mm, Antique Brass

Cap Snap Fasteners, Sport, 15mm, Antique Brass

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Non-sew Sport & Camping press fasteners are designed with the heavy demands of sportswear and outdoor activities in mind. The ring shaped springs in these 15mm snaps provide the toughest level of fastening strength for strong fabrics such as canvas, heavy nylon and leather. These high quality sport and camping fasteners are made from durable, corrosion resistant metal that can withstand high use activity as well as washing, spin drying, dry cleaning and ironing.

This snap kit includes 10 sport and camping press fasteners with a sport cap style, antique brass finish. They can be fitted simply and sturdily using the included tool set and a hammer or with the Prym Vario pliers here.

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