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Gold Eye Embroidery Needles (No. 3-9)

Gold Eye Embroidery Needles (No. 3-9)

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Gold Eye Embroidery or crewel needles feature extra large eyes to easily thread strands of embroidery thread.

Sharp, steel needles that are ideal for cotton or ribbon embroidery.

Includes 16 needles per package of the following size: 
2 x No. 3 Needles: 0.99mm diameter, 44.5mm length
2 x No. 4 Needles: 0.91mm diameter, 42.9mm length
2 x No. 5 Needles: 0.84mm diameter, 41.3mm length 
2 x No. 6 Needles: 0.76mm diameter, 39.7mm length 
2 x No. 7 Needles: 0.69mm diameter, 38.1mm length
3 x No. 8 Needles: 0.61mm diameter, 36.5mm length
3 x No. 9 Needles: 0.53mm diameter, 34.9mm length

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