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What Makes a Jacquard? Learn more about the process used to create our Clara Cotton Linen

Our Clara Cotton Linen Jacquard is a standout fabric with its unique textured pattern. This week we received a restock of our classic colours, plus the addition of three rich new hues - Cider, Fern and Jam!

This fabric is a blend of 75% cotton and 25% linen jacquard. What is a jacquard you ask? Well that is what is so interesting about Clara, and what keeps us coming back again and again, is the abstract design. Most often, this sort of design would be printed onto the fabric, but in the case of Clara it is actually woven into the fabric. Here's a closeup for you to see:

Really neat, hey? It's a unique feature that you don't often see and we're happy to have as part of our wardrobe. Jacquards like Clara are woven on a loom, and often uses different types of threads to create a pattern or textured effect on the fabric.

The combination of the cotton and linen together creates a midweight fabric with low drape, making it a great option for trousers, boxy tops, skirts and even jackets! We pulled together a bunch of pattern ideas here.

Ready to go? Start planning your next sewing project and shop all 7 shades of the Clara Cotton Linen Jacquard here

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