Our new Favourite All-Season Fabric :: Quadra Lyocell Twill!

Our new Favourite All-Season Fabric :: Quadra Lyocell Twill!

The new Quadra Lyocell Twill is here, and it's wonderful!

Let's cover the basics first -- what is Lyocell? Lyocell is another name for Tencel, a man-made textile created from wood pulp cellulose. It's one fibre the garment-making industry is excited about for the future, as it uses less water and the end wearer is less likely to wash garments made from this fabric compared to others. The reason? Lyocell is a highly breathable fabric that helps keep the wearer stay cool, which reduce sweat, resulting in the end garment getting more wears between washes! Pretty cool!

That breathability also comes in handy in during cooler months too, when the lyocell fabric traps warm air against your skin, and keeps you warm. It's a great all season fabric! 

Our Quadra Lyocell is a twill weave, meaning if you look close up to the fabric, you'll be able to see the diagonal lines from the unique twill weaving. This fabric is medium weight, 200 gsm, with a beautiful, stunning, gorgeous (we could keep going 😉) drape that is a dream to wear.

Quadra's drape and weight combine to create one of those fabrics you'll want to sew again and again. It's luxurious and a great weight for patterns that celebrate high drape fabrics. 



1. Low Drape - Ellis Washed Linen - One of the best linens with a washed treatment making the drape soft, but low. Ellis is a medium weight fabric making it great for patterns that don't sit close to the body. When Ellis falls, it will hang away from your body, like how it hangs out in the photo.

2. Medium Drape - Sienna Sandwashed Cotton Crepe - Pretty medium weight sandwashed cotton with a medium drape. This drape is good for garments that hang straight down, like a-line skirts or dresses with pleats.

3. High Drape - Quadra Lyocell Twill - Here's the drape on the new Quadra! As you can see compared to the Ellis and Sienna, this drape is fluid and as such, this fabric will stay closer to your body. This drape is great for wrap dresses and garments with gathers.

Quadra just landed on our website, and you can shop all 10 hues of the twill online here. If you're looking for more inspiration and some pattern recommendations, we created a list of patterns that would be a great pairing with Quadra, with some of our favourites for summer being the raglan-sleeved Remy Top, gathered waist Rae Skirt and high-waisted Pietra Pants or Shorts.


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