Welcome Chalk and Notch Patterns!

Welcome Chalk and Notch Patterns!

We're always on the hunt for fresh, stylish patterns to carry here at Spool of Thread and we are so pleased to add Chalk and Notch Sewing Patterns to our offerings!

You'll love Chalk and Notch for creating garments you'll actually want to wear. Their collection features a lot of cute dresses like the Fringe Dress or Marcel, and we can't wait to sew and wear the Page Hoodie! If you are looking for a good transitional garment from winter to spring, be sure to check out the Wren Blouse which has the perfect sized puffy sleeves.

We paired the above patterns with the Dusty Blush and Mallard shades of our new Sienna Sandwashed Cotton Crepe. Wouldn't those be dreamy to wear?

Each Chalk and Notch pattern covers a size range of 0 - 30, which covers a bust measurement of 32" to 58". In addition to this wider size range, every pattern includes 2 bust cup size options: A/B and C/D. 

If you haven't sewn with a pattern company that includes multiple cup sizes in their patterns (like Cashmerette and Liesl and Co. do too!), it's an amazing time-saving option especially if you are used to doing extensive bust adjustments before you get to sewing. 

If you're not sure about sewing cup sizes, we have the scoop for you here, and it might not be exactly what you think! In short, your bra cup size is not the same as your sewing cup size. For sewing, your cup size is determined by the difference in the measurements between your high bust (around your middle, under your armpits) and your full bust (around your bust, at it's widest point). 

If the difference in the two measurements is between 0" and 2", you'd want to sew the A/B version of Chalk and Notch's pattern. If the difference is between 2" and 4" inches, than you'd use the C/D version. For larger differences, a Full Bust Adjustment may still be required. The Chalk and Notch size chart includes both the High Bust and the Full Bust measurements to help you select which size is the right one for you!

Woot Woot for Chalk and Notch helping us make a better fitting garment straight from the envelope. You can shop each of the 8 Chalk and Notch patterns here!

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