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Unbe-weave-able: Warp & Weft is here!

The long anticipated Warp and Weft collection from Ruby Star Society has arrived! 
Warp & Weft is an entirely woven collection, meaning that rather than printing colours onto the fabric, the yarn is dyed prior to the weaving process. The warp yarns run vertically in the fabric, while the weft yarns run width-wise, so when different colours are woven together they can create these gorgeous textured designs. It’s also fun to see how this technique creates the inverse design on the back side of the fabric.
We are so excited to have all 28 bolts of fabric in this collection. In addition to the striped, diamond, flickered, and triangle designs pictured above, this collection also includes two types of solids; the textured Cross Weave solids, and the heavier Chore Coat solids.
The beautifully soft and drapey hand of these fabrics will make gorgeous garments and quilts. We can envision some dreamy Wilder Gowns and Arenite Pants made with this collection, and we think the heavier Chore Coat fabric is perfect for projects like bags and more structured bottom weight garments.
You may also have noticed the bright yellow selvage of this collection. Enjoy this fun little element while you sew, or perhaps use it as a design feature in your projects!
As always, we cannot wait to see what you make. Share it with the Spool of Thread community using #SoTSewFromHome so we can all be blown away.

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