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Slippery Sewing - Tips for our New Lady McElroy Viscose Prints!

In the fabric world Lady McElroy is synonymous with elegance, and this new collection of viscose prints certainly delivers!
With a mix of modern florals, bold abstract shapes, as well as graceful birds and lucky cats, this collection really has something for everyone! These luxurious fabrics are super light weight, with a soft and billowy drape, making them perfect for summery garments like the Calvin Wrap Dress or Pendrell Blouse.
If you’ve never sewn with viscose before, it may seem a little intimidating. But with just a few easy techniques, you’ll be sewing viscose garments like a pro!
The trickiest part of sewing with viscose is that can be slippery. So this would be a good time to bring out the rotary cutter if you have one - but if you don’t, just be mindful not to move the fabric around too much while cutting as this can cause the fabric to shift. 
Before you start sewing, you’ll want to make sure your needle is nice and sharp so it can glide through the fabric easily. You can also switch over to a walking foot if you have one - again, not essential but it can help prevent the fabric from slipping and stretching. We suggest testing your stitches on some scrap fabric first, and adjust your stitch length and tension if needed.
When you’re ready to start sewing, you’ll want to use LOTS of pins to prevent shifting (think more is more!). While sewing, try to resist the urge to push or pull the fabric through the machine, as this can also cause the fabric to stretch and warp your seams.
Our final pro tip for sewing with viscose is to hang your garment up overnight before hemming. This will give the fabric some time to stretch a little before you decide on the exact length of your garment.
We would love you to share your creations using #SoTSewFromHome and let us know if these tips were useful! We cannot wait to see these prints transformed into beautiful garments.

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