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Prep your Project Right :: Working with our new Cove Yarn Dyed Linen

Each of our linen collections like Essex Cotton Linen, Ellis Washed Linen and now our Cove Yarn Dyed Linen have their own weights, drapes, finishes and designs. Each offers their own unique feeling, but no matter what, the project prep remains the same! 
There are a few tips and tricks that will help ensure you are starting out your new sewing project on the right foot. We geared these tips specifically for working with linen, but they are good to keep in mind regardless of the fabric you are working with! 
Linen is a dream to sew with, but does require a little love and care before you get going. The new Cove Yarn Dyed Linen is a flowy 130 GSM, and the right steps before you start will ensure your garment will stand up to all the wearing and loving it will receive.
Here are a few tips - 
  1. Linen is prone to shrinking so make sure to pre-treat your fabric before you cut into it! We know it’s tempting to skip this step, but it will avoid future-you from intense disappointment if your beautiful me-made linen garment no longer fits after the first wash. Think about how you plan to wash the finished garment and treat it in the same way, and keep in mind the recommended care instructions for your fabric. We keep them all listed on the product page like this one: Cove Yarn Dyed Linen Check Maple.

  2. Linen is prone to fraying. You might want to consider finishing the raw edges of the fabric before pre-washing to reduce fraying. A quick zigzag or pinking shear will keep your fabric neat during the washing process. When sewing your garment, make sure to follow the pattern instructions on finishing your seams to keep the fray at bay.

  3. Once you have pre-washed your linen, it’s time to dry. You’ll want to avoid the tumble drier to prevent more shrinkage, and instead opt to lay your fabric flat to air dry. The good news is that you don’t need to be too patient, because linen dries fast! 

  4. Linen is also prone to wrinkling. If you do choose to iron your linen consider pressing the fabric while it is still a little wet, and only until the wrinkles disappear. It’s also a good idea to iron on the wrong side to avoid fading and/or shiny patches on the fabric.

Ready to start? Learn more about the new Cove Yarn Dyed Linen here. For each of the Cove Yarn Dyed Linens (and lots of our other fabrics) we have also rounded up our favourite pattern recommendations and selected the perfect matching thread!

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