New Year, New Classes!

New Year, New Classes!

We're excited to welcome 2020 with two new classes to our sewing class schedule!

  • 370 - Gallery Tunic: In our newest class, our instructor will guide you through creating your very own Tunic perfect for a running errands or an evening out for dinner. During the class, you'll learn how to sew an inset front placket, pleats, folded sleeve cuffs and a band collar. Once finished, you'll love the relaxed fit that's comfy and easy to layer for the cooler days. Call us at 604-879-3031 to join our first class on Sundays, January 26th + February 2nd from 11:30am - 4:15pm.
  • 203 - Reusable Lunch Bag: In this class, make yourself a practical Lunch Bag that you’ll love to use. You’ll learn to sew a velcro closure, curves, and work with insulated interfacing. Plus, the bag is versatile and can be made for both adults or kids. Join us Wednesday, January 22nd from 6:30m - 9:30pm for our first session!

Be sure to call us at 604-879-3031 to book your spot in a class!

Check out the schedule for all of our classes here.   

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