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New Shades of our Beautiful Ribbed Knit Neve


Our Neve Ribbed Knit is back, and this time we have even more colour choices available, all inspired by the beautiful ocean here in Vancouver.

Neve is a gorgeous midweight-heavy, sturdy rib knit with just the right amount of stretch for looking and feeling good. It's a great fabric for any of time year and it's an easy knit to sew with.


Neve is perfectly versatile - you pick the pattern and the Neve shade and you're good to go! From a dress for going out like the Waterfall Raglan, to enjoying a shopping trip in your new Marlo Cardigan, this knit can do it all.
There's nothing like the classic pairing of a t-shirt pattern and knit fabric. The Renfrew has been a Spool of Thread staple for years and still delivers timeless amazing results with its multiple neck and sleeve options. And, be sure to check out the Nikko Top with mock turtleneck, sleeveless and dress option! Pair each of these with Neve and you're sure to sew something you'll wear again and again.

Shop these patterns and our new Neve Rib Knit!

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