New Colours of our Easy-to-Wear Tencel Viscose Crepe

New Colours of our Easy-to-Wear Tencel Viscose Crepe

We have new fun, autumn colours of our Rosalind Tencel Viscose Crepe!

This fabric has a graceful, smooth drape and luxurious hand, making it a great textile choice for sewing garments that move with you. You'll love this fabric as sewing with Rosalind Crepe fills your closet with what everyone wants: effortless, easy-to-wear stylish clothing.


Rosalind is made from a blend of tencel and viscose, resulting in a versatile fabric that breathes, is super soft and comfortable.

We are planning on using Rosalind Crepe in so many projects. It's available in 20 stunning colours and the crepe texture adds extra depth and interest to each. You can see the distinctive crepe texture in the photo below featuring our three new shades - Bubblegum, Raspberry and Marmalade.


Can't wait to sew Rosalind Crepe? We can't wait to see what you make! Shop all 20 wonderful hues and our sewing pattern recommendations here!

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