Dazzled by Delphine - Our New Tencel Twill Collection

Dazzled by Delphine - Our New Tencel Twill Collection

This week we welcomed an enchanting new fabric to the store - the Delphine collection! This collection includes seven tantalizing colours, and has our heads swimming with ideas for our next makes.

The Delphine collection is an Enzymatic Tencel Twill fabric. Wondering what that means? Lets break it down:

Enzymatic refers to the treatment of the fabric, which makes it lovely and soft. If you’re already familiar with our Ellis Washed Linen, this fabric has a similar feel and drape.

Tencel is a relatively new (environmentally conscious) fabric made from wood pulp. The pulp is dissolved and spun into fibres, which are woven together to create an extremely strong yet luxuriously smooth fabric.

Twill refers to the type of weave in the fabric. You can identify a twill by the small diagonal lines created by this weave - if you happen to be wearing a pair of jeans as you read this, look down and see if you can spot the twill!

Although twills are often associated with heavier fabrics (like denim), the Delphine collection is a light-mid weight fabric with a lovely drape, making it great for garments like the Factory Dress from Merchant & Mills or the Bespoke Blazer from Sew to Grow.

We can’t wait to see your dazzling makes from this new collection! Be sure to share your Delphine sewing projects with our community using #SoTSewFromHome

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