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Yoga Bag

The perfect project for the yoga lovers among us! Learn to make a yoga bag, designed to fit all standard sized yoga mats. Soon, you’ll be able to carry your mat comfortably and with a bag customized to your liking.

In the class, you’ll practice all the basic sewing skills you’ve learned so far, and add some new ones to your repertoire. Our instructors will guide you through techniques to make drawstrings, straps, pockets, buttonholes and sewing those tricky curves. Best of all, you’ll leave feeling comfortable and confident in your sewing abilities!

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

Prerequisites: Sewing 101, plus at least one or two additional level 100 or 200 classes, or equivalent experience 

Skills Learned:

  • Sewing curves
  • Sewing straps and drawstrings
  • Creating a drawstring casing
  • Sewing pockets
  • Sewing buttonholes

To join one of our classes, please call us at 604-879-3031 to place your deposit and reserve your spot! Our classes sell out quickly and we accept registration over the phone with a credit card, or stop by our shop to pay in person.