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Sew-In Time

Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge is your dream sewing space. Equipped with sewing machines, irons and an industrial sized cutting table, we have the space and the tools for you to successfully complete your projects!

Each of our six sewing stations offer a computerized Elna sewing machine. Each machine comes with a standard presser foot, but can be re-configured with a free motion, walking or zippered foot (both standard and invisible) when requested. We will also supply you with fabric shears, quilting rulers, irons and much more.

Fee: $8/ hour. Minimum charge, 1 hour.

Spool of Thread’s sewing lounge is available to any customer who has successfully completed at least one class at Spool of Thread.

Machines in our Lounge our available to rent any time we don't have a Sewing Class scheduled. See our class schedule here, or give us a call at 604-879-3031 to confirm Sew-in time availability.