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The drape  is all about how the fabric hangs and determines your garment fit and style. Our fabrics are split into 3 drapes: 

High Drape - Soft, fluid and hangs close to the body
Moderate Drape - In between fluid and crisp, and hangs straight down
Low Drape - Hangs away from the body in big folds


The weight refers to how much the fabric weighs per square meter or yard and can be used to determine the correct pattern pairing for a textile.  Choose between 3 weights: 

Lightweight - Pliable, breathable and sheer
Mid Weight - In between pliable and sheer & opaque and thick
Heavyweight - Stable, opaque and thick

Choose a Fabric Type

Linen is gorgeous to sew with and wear.  Great for garments that should hang close to the body while maintaining their shape. 

Rayon is soft to touch like cotton, with a beautiful drape similar to silk which makes it perfect for sewing garments. 

Our Knits will give you the stretch you need to stay comfortable in your creations.  

Make breathable garments in our solid or printed cottons.

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